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God's Game Plan VS Satan's Game Plan


God's Game Plan VS Satan's Game Plan is an e-course that will give you in-depth exploration of biblical teachings, practical exercises, and engaging videos, this course equips you to understand, resist, and align with God's divine plan. Discover the intentional design of creation, Satan's cunning tactics, and practical skills for aligning with God's purpose. Examine the origins of the cosmic conflict, explore God's promises contrasting with Satan's deceptions, and analyze the characteristics of God's Kingdom versus Satan's. This transformative journey ensures you not only comprehend theoretical knowledge but also apply it to your daily life. By the course end, you'll be empowered to navigate life's challenges confidently, grounded in the assurance that God's unwavering plan is unfolding in your life. Dive into this profound exploration into the spiritual dynamics shaping your existence.

God's Game Plan VS Satan's Game Plan

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